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Mission Statement

Art & Pete photo

It’s time for a new chapter. Art & Pete are bringing great artists together to make great art. For too long, commerce has been a perverse master of creativity, bending it to the will of an imaginary “demographic”. Pasting labels on it, like a trope is somehow scientific. But genre is as imaginary as race, given import according to whom it excludes.

We are post-genre.

And culture is limited to who can afford it. ASCAP sues bars for playing unlicensed songs; meanwhile, we clearly want to share and sample and create— to be a part of the things we enjoy. To that end, we are licensing our songs for covers and samples.

We have two requests: 1) attribute Art & Pete; 2) share the final product with us.

And one demand: Be fair. If you make a bunch of money using something we create, be fair.

Underground radio stations, same deal.

Big-ass corporate radio stations (et. al.) should accept the same license with the same caveats, and then reach out to us. You are in it for the money, so you’re going to share it.

The rest of us, I think, are in it to play. To dance. To draw. To sing. You know, childish things.