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Gigi Dover

Gigi Dover

Gigi Dover is a vibrant tapestry of musical tradition and innovation. From a young age, Gigi was nurtured in a household rich with diverse musical genres, from the classic allure of Big Band and Jazz to the soulful echoes of R&B and the heartfelt twang of Country. Encouraged by a music-major mother and a rhythmically gifted sibling duo, Gigi found her voice and her place among a family that always had the radio dial tuned to inspiration.

A pivotal moment with her first guitar at the age of 14 sparked the beginning of not just learning, but creating music, weaving her own stories into songs. Honing her skills through school choirs, band performances with the flute, and a collegiate dedication to music theory, Gigi took the stage for her first gig at a tender 17 and has since been unwavering in her musical pursuits.

The year 2012 marked a milestone with a tour in Europe where Gigi, leading her band The Big Love, resonated with a French audience, affirming her belief in music as a universal language. Back home, she has lent her voice to projects like Songw3rks, painting auditory pictures with her background vocals, seeing harmonies as a spectrum of colors blending into a masterpiece of sound.

Her journey has not been without its trials, with a particularly daunting moment arriving in 1997. Tasked with performing the National Anthem at a sold-out event while battling strep throat, Gigi’s “do or die” determination saw her through an unforgettable performance. This resilience defines her approach to the music industry’s hurdles; it’s about staying committed to the craft, “staying in the saddle,” and capturing the ephemeral “lightning in a jar.”

Looking ahead, Gigi Dover aspires to the continual creation of original music, a testament to her commitment to the art. It’s about reaching, both for the high notes and for the heights of musical mastery. Her story is one of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding power of song. Gigi Dover is more than a musician; she is a lifelong learner of melody, a creator of the soundtrack to many lives, and a believer in the boundless connective power of music.