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Hello, my old friend, It’s been a long time
Just reaching out, to see how you’ve been
Digital windows, a view from outside
Of this little world that I’ve been locked in

Trying to quiet my mind in the crowd
I’m surrounded by voices, screaming aloud
I’m sure it’s nothing, though, and I’ll come around
But reality is getting me down

So much to talk about, and so little good
Roe v. Wade, the war in Ukraine
Johnny and Amber, I know what I should
Distracted by celebrity pain

Trying to see my reflection in crowds
But they mirror a hate that I can’t see around
The state of my union is not very proud
Reality is getting me down

It shouldn’t happen, well not every day
So many angels taken to wing
Our fearless leaders lament and they pray
Like that would really solve anything

Our tales of triumph are driven by pain
Children have to be heroes, adults playing games
Nobody ever gets held to account
Reality is getting me down

Goodbye, my only friend / I’m sorry I cried
Maybe it’s survivor’s guilt– so many have died
I’m sure it’s nothing, though / And I’ll come around
But reality is getting me down

Reality is getting me down